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FUR-lee - (n.) Strange, marvelous, inspiring wonder.

This Scottish gem flash-banged onto the mid 18th century scene, then, promptly faded into the shadows of disuse. Why so? Who knows. The point is, Wordeby's has dug it up. In semantics and linguistics, nuanced debates rage on as to whether words define our thoughts or our thoughts define our words and therefore our immediate environments -- to this debate, Wordeby's is a continued spectator. But before you go, consider this: if by adding the word "ferly" to our mind cabinet, we create a shelf up there; one dedicated to seeking things that might fit this forgotten word's definition. Our subconscious begins to look for things that are strange and marvelous and in looking for them, we start to see them. And then we realize just what a ferly place this world of ours really is.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋ART: "The Orrery" (1766) by Joseph Wright of Derby 🦋STYLE: Baroque, Romanticism

🦋 Joseph Wright was an English landscape and portrait painter. He painted famously in the chiaroscuro style contrasting light and dark to magical effects. He is known also for his groundbreaking expressions of the Industrial Revolution through his art and is famous for his scenes of science borne of alchemy. His work covered an extraordinary and liminal age between enlightenment science and religion that arguably, few others have approached since.

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