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rap-SKAHL-yun -- (n.) A rascal ne'er-do-well; an absolute rogue.

Why yell "rascal" when you can deploy "RAPSCALLION"? Wordeby's is baffled that English ever replaced this word with the less fun "rascal" but here we are. Rapscallions were the characters of Mark Twainian and Dickensonian twists -- always getting into trouble stopping just short of the gallows. Rapscallions are colorful scoundrels and occasionally, from beneath their scalliwag exteriors, glints of lovability sheepishly spark through. Perhaps it is that rapscallions play the inherent underdog, never fully "accepted" by society for their roguish ways. Perhaps they entertain us with their slyness -- we spectators watch with amused fascination at how they get away with things propriety condones. Perhaps it is that Rapscallions are rule breakers and care not what others think -- often since they have little to lose and are always on the run from somebody, somewhere and for good reason.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋 ART: Broadway Poster by the Strobridge Lithograph Co. 1896 🦋 STYLE: Poster Art 🦋 NATIONALITY: American

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