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SNUH-gur-ee -- (n.) A comfortable, cozy room.

Though it sounds like a cute name for a fluffy-tailed pet bunny, this Victorian term described any setting or room that was cozy, comfy, and generally insulated from the rough and tumble of the world outside. No matter one's background, upbringing, or life, everyone has or has had a snuggery -- a place to which we escaped to when we needed solace or comfort -- be it in our minds or at Grandma's house. And if you are reading this and discover that you have forgotten what or where your snuggery is... consider this word a gentle reminder. Snuggeries are good for the soul.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋ART: "Venetian Ladies Listening to the Serenade" (1909) by Frank Cadogan Cowper

🦋STYLE: Romanticism (Pre-Raphaelite)



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