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AH-no-rak -- (n.) A person obsessively fascinated by a boring subject.

One man's passion is another man's tranquilizer. Such is the effect of Anoraks. They are blindly fascinated by things that belong to the dustbins of snoresville. This Greenlandic word describes a kind of jacket often worn by trainspotters -- British-English got a hold of the word in the '80s and described not just the attire but the wearers. The world is filled is Anoraks, in fact, you and I in the wrong circles are anoraks in our love affair with words. We all have obscure passions we find singularly wonderful. It's when we cross the line and decide to impose this passion onto others, oblivious to whether they too have that shared spark of interest -- that is the moment you become an anorak. So use this word as a reminder; our interactions with the world is reciprocal . We give, we gauge, and we move our conversational pawn forward or backward according to our audience. But if you find yourself moving your pawn backwards, you have a choice; examine your passions or examine your audience. Move accordingly.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋 ART: "Politics in an Oyster House" (1848) by Richard Caton Woodville

🦋 STYLE: Genre Painting


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