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SPRET-zah-too-rah -- (Italian n.) To do something difficult gracefully and without apparent effort.

Motherhood is a role played by a diverse cast of personalities from around the world yet contains universal qualities that helped carry mankind forward for millennia. It is a role that has a fearsome, incredible power over our psyches affecting us for the rest of our days. To those mothers who, in spite of our difficult ways, took us under their wings with grace, handled our tantrums with steely nerves, decimated our enemies with a stern gaze, dressed us early in the morning, kissed us goodnight, nursed us to health, and pushed us beyond our comfort zones, to these women, we owe our lives. They taught us much. One day at a time. They gave us all. They brought us into being -- literally, figuratively, or both. These women accomplished that great task of turning helpless wildlings into responsible beings -- to those who did all this with grace, this Italian word is dedicated. These mothers made our upbringing look much easier than it actually was. For that they deserve much more than a single day of celebration and flowers. They deserve our all in return.


~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋ART: "On the Heights" (1918) by Charles Courtney Curran

🦋STYLE: Impressionism


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