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en-SOW-ul -- (v.) To endow with soul - existence transcending the mundane.

The soul is the invisible force that imbues life with a meaning profound and beyond understanding. The word "ensoul" is the action of "giving" something soul - it comes to us from the 17th century and came of age in the time of reason and enlightenment. A time when Man contemplated what differentiated us from trees or wind or rain. But even the most "enlightened" of philosophers often concluded there were indeed things about human existence that we couldn't entirely explain. Our souls come to us not by accident. Our existence is a gift; full of awe and wonder and the sacred. That we are allowed to share our existence with the world, sometimes grants us the power to ensoul things around us. We ensoul blank canvases with art, we ensoul friendship with love, notes with melody, and thought with heart. We do so in an attempt to imitate that Divine Creator who created our very selves. By ensouling life around us we honor our Creator, we honor Life beyond the mundane and we rise.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

#EASTER2020 #Arise

🦋ART: "Memories 2" by Caitrin Welz-Stein. Welz-Stein's enchanting work has earned her deserved renown as one of the more magical and soulful modern painters; beloved amongst the literary set and modern lovers of magical realism.

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