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HART-sum -- (adj.) Giving cheer, spirit; uplifting.

A heartsome home, a heartsome soul, a heartsome life -- in a world where there is an argument against everything and everything can be taken the wrong way, 'heartsome' is a true conceptual oasis; a word to which everyone can raise a rousing toast. And speaking of rousing toasts, the Scottish take the bow for this term. When we hear "heartsome" we think of its cousin "wholesome" which means conducive to one's moral well-being whereas heartsome is more about lending courage; a delight that comes by way of sunshine after a blizzard, a victory after battle, a smile in the crowd. Heartsome things are contagious: One instance of it causes another instance of it and just like that, heartsome dominoes begin to fall. Surround yourself with as many heartsome things as you can and just like that, you will find the world is full of cheer, spirit, and courage.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋ART: "Two Smiling Girls" (1865) by Carl Bloch

🦋STYLE: Academic Art



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