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lay-KOO-nuh -- (n.) A blank space, a missing part, a pit where something once was.

Some pits run deep, some shallow. We encounter them, and our curiosity draws us to peer into their depths, but instinctually we know to avoid falling into their dark and inherently melancholy grasps. Blank spaces and pits are magnetic in this way. They contain a profundity that both attracts and deters. Lacuna comes from Latin for a 'missingness.' For something to be missing, it must have once been complete, to have once been whole but somewhere along the way, the whole was torn apart be it softly, violently, slowly, or quickly. We encounter lacunae all the time, but some are more profound than others. A Lacuna can be a gap reminding us of what once was, a hole in our hearts from a wound that has yet to heal. And though blank spaces may be empty they still 'contain' meaning. A meaning only time can fill.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

ART: "Isle of the Dead" (1883) Third Version by Arnold Bröcklin


STYLE: Symbolist

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