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(n) A person who cannot make up their mind on a controversial issue -- especially in politics.

Mugwumps are those people who, when faced with a controversial topic just cannot decide where they stand. Mugwumps either lack the moral absolutism, the intellectual integrity, or the simple courage to alienate anyone ever. At their dubious best Mugwumps cannot make a decision because they feel they lack the information to take an informed stance. But with what we know about Mugwumps, Wordeby's concludes that Mugwumps are not normally heroic figures; few Mugwumps ever made history, wrote sweeping epics, or lead great movements. Ask a Mugwump if they were a Mugwump, they'd probably be a Mugwump about it. Ultimately, everyone has an opinion and no, being a Mugwump until you have sufficient information is nothing to scowl at but at some point Mugwumpianism is an exercise in deception of the self and if suspended for too long, can be downright dangerous. Being decisive was imperative to survival back in our hunter-gatherer days -- it shouldn't be so different now. After all, as that pithy saying goes: Stand in the middle of the street long enough and you get hit by trucks going both ways.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋 ART: "La Reproduction Interdite" (1937) by Rene Magritte

🦋 STYLE: Surrealism


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