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RAYK-fire -- (n.) A person who overstays his welcome -- staying so long that the fireplace coals have to be raked over to keep the fire going.

Ah... Ye Old English Insult Noun. No one puts down quite like the British and this little nugget does not disappoint. Seeing as many of us now have electricity and no longer have to "rake over" the dying embers of our parlor hearths to keep a room alive, this word, like those embers, finally died long ago--but the rudeness of some have not. The Man-bun, for instance, bra-burners, the all-purpose "awesome," or that last guy at the party you didn't actually invite -- all things that have rudely overstayed their welcome long ago and we stand around raking our coal fires waiting for them to just... go... away...

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋ART : By 17th century Flemish Painter, Adriaen Brouwer

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