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WOOL-gah-thur-ring -- (n.) Indulgence in daydreaming and aimless thought.

Proper woolgathering is an art form. First, it takes engagement in a sufficiently dull or routine activity as to propel the mind to wander into more interesting pastures -- thence begins the escape. The meandering mind must traverse terrain so compelling that it overrides whatever reality the mind escaped to begin with. Once escaped, good woolgathering pulls from both memory and imagination to create a temporary dreamscape into which only good things blossom -- a blend of reality and fantasy. And though in the world of hardworking, woolgathering is the antithesis of good, there is something to be said for the relief that it offers. In the scheme of routine -- a necessary component for civilization and productivity -- it was the occasional dreamer, who looked up from the grindstone to consider the possibility of another way.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋ART: 'A Shepherd Boy' (1860) by Franz von Lenbach 🦋STYLE: Academic Art 🦋NATIONALITY: German

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