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il-LI-zhun -- Divinely inspired, beautiful and peaceful.

The phrase "Elysian Fields" or Elysium describes a place or position that one aspires to reach. In Greek mythology, this was a perfect place at the ends of the earth reserved for heroes who had become immortalized. Today, of course, we extract the mythological mumbo-jumbo and it's a rare word to describe beautiful perfection. A rarity in and of itself, but here's just the word for when we encounter such elusive things.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋 ART: "The Blind Girl" (1856) by John Everett Millais 🦋 STYLE: Romanticism 🦋 The two girls depicted are sisters--beggars resting along the roadside. In a contrasting of the senses, one is blind, the other is sighted, each experiencing the bucolic scene before them in their own way. Some have interpreted the double rainbow to depict God's covenant in Genesis 9:16.

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