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rah-kon-TOOS -- (n.) A woman strikingly skilled at telling a story.

Few words honor that special talent of storytelling. Fewer bother to honor those magnetic women we all know who possess that special ability to set the scene of a story as one might set a fine feast -- filled with details and finery, decadence and deliciousness, angles and perspective. A raconteuse has that special ability to not only tell a wonderful story, but to also add that special perspective at the end that turn the mundane into the profound. Raconteuses often serve as magnets amongst the blasé and make colorful the monochrome. Her male counterpart is the more familiar French noun 'Raconteur' -- but now that you know this rarer, feminine form, go forth; bring this noun to the spotlight she deserves.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋ART: 'Pauline in the Yellow Dress' (1944) by Herbert James Gunn

🦋This painting is of the artist's wife who's smile caused a sensation in London when the portrait was exhibited. The painting was called the "Mona Lisa of 1944"


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