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REN-ah-sent -- (adj) Rising again into being or vigor.

Although used more to describe something that has become popular again, the origins of this word is really from the Latin for "being born again" and Wordeby's is of the opinion that it should have a more reverent position in our vocabulary. This week is a celebration of both #Passover and #Easter; one celebrates the resurrection and remembrance of heritage and history for the sake of spiritual memory and gratitude. The other celebrates the renascent Jesus following his crucifixion by the Romans. Two different remembrances that share a common ground in the two kinds of renascence -- the renascent memory of heritage, endurance, and survival; and the renascent savior who transformed the fate of the western world forevermore.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋 ART: By Digital Artist Juan Fraes

🦋 FOLLOW JUAN on Instagram @Juanfraes83 for stunning works of digital merging and inspiration.

🦋 NATIONALITY: Malaga, Spain

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