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MEH-tah-NOY-a — (n.) The journey of changing one's heart, mind, self, or way of life.

Deriving from the Greek metanoein meaning 'to change one's mind.' First known use was in 1577 AD and refers to the changing of one's entire being and way of life - a spiritual journey of the heart and mind, a journey of transformation and redefinition. In psychology, metanoia is the 'breakdown' and subsequent healing or recovery through positive psychological rebuilding.

~Wordeby's by CR

Wordeby's Collection of Fine Words: METANOIA

ART: "The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog" (1818) Caspar David Friedrich

🦋German Landscape Romanticism

🦋Learn about Caspar David Friedrich:

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John Lawson
John Lawson
Nov 10, 2020

Also a great album by Porcupine Tree, which makes sense now! TIL.

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