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vess-purr-TEEN (n.) Occurring or flourishing in the evening.

It is said that good things come to those who wait -- to a vespertine, that wait means nightfall. Science recognizes vespertines in zoology as animals active after dark; in botany as fauna that blossom in evening; in astrology as a star that sets after the sun. As people, you know vespertines as nightowls or nighthawks -- they tend to be creative types and likely on the eccentric side (incidentally, 'larks' are their opposites; morning thrivers). There's more -- according to a recent study, vespertine brains that flourish in the night tend to be inductive thinkers which is linked to an innovative thinking style. History's vespertines included Winston Churchill, J.R.R. Tolkien, Carl Jung, Bob Dylan, Marcel Proust, Pauline Kael, and so on. Vespertines are daily late-bloomers; coming alive only as the rest of the world drifts off to sleep. As darkness falls and the world grows still, a spotlight turns on for the vespertine -- and within the oases of their own lights, is a flourishing unlike any other. Vespertines are, by their nature, quirks; they flow against the stream of the conventional, the expected, the norm. For the most part, this behavior is a luxury not adapted for the conventional world. In spite of this adversity true vespertines push through -- Wordeby's own existence relies on the vespertine tendencies of its curator. For the illuminations that come by night, this curator is grateful.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋ART: "Midsummer's Eve" (1908) by Edward Robert Hughes 🦋STYLE: Pre-Raphaelite 🦋NATIONALITY: English

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