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RED-ah-man-SEE -- (n.) The act of loving one who loves in return; a love fully reciprocated.

Love ebbs and flows in infinite ways to the song of infinite definitions; but at the end of it all, it is something we give or it is something we're blessed to receive. The English language has many emotional words to describe the rollercoaster of love -- redamancy is rare in that it includes reciprocity. To give love that is not only received but returned, genuinely reflected. Redamancy is the reward, perhaps, after years of searching; or it is that idyllic memory for the restless wanderer. Redamancy is the state of love that illuminates the world when found, and darkens it when lost.

~Wordeby's by Chanel Rion

🦋 "The Kiss" (1907) by Gustav Klimt 🦋 Art Movement: Symbolism 🦋 The father of the Vienna Secession, Austrian Symbolist painter Klimt was known for his love of women -- which came through in his works. He was a loner, avoiding other artists and their influences, and was subsequently controversial for his passionate portrayal of the female form. In time, his paintings would earn a renown that would glow the world over. 🦋 "The Kiss" was produced by Klimt in a moment of artistic depression and panic. His career was in a severe downswing. "The Kiss" was bought before it was finished and broke records for its high price -- of $240,000 in today's dollar.

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